New pc & workflow

The past few weeks I finally took the time to review my workflow. This year I have so many weddings comming up that being thoroughly organised was of the upmost importance in order to get them all finished within an acceptible amount of time.
Copying all the RAW files, importing them in Lightroom, converting them to jpeg, editing a selection of images in Photoshop, backing everything up, it’s incredibly time consuming.
Untill now I have been using external hard drives on USB2, but these are a lot slower than a regular hard drive so they were slowing me down, a lot !

After a couple of sleepless nights, a lot of research & a lot of calculations I drove to Merelbeke to visit the friendly people at Forcom to buy the parts of my new work horse.

For those of you that have some technical background : Intel Quad Core Q6600, 4GB Ram, 1x 160GB HD (boot) & 2x 500GB HD (data & backup).

Once I got home I noticed that one of the cool fins on the motherboard where detached and unrepairable. This meant another trip to Merelbeke … Once there I immediately received a new motherboard so I was quickly on my way back home to start tinkering again :-) .
About an hour later the beauty was completely assembled and ready to go. After a surprisingly easy installation of Windows Vista Ultima (I never installed / used this windows version before) I was able
to baptise it by installing Lightroom & Photoshop.

A few tests later I can honestly say : it’s an animal ! My RAW files have never been loaded into Lightroom this fast, converted to JPEG and opened in Photoshop. Amazing !

From now on I can go to bed knowing that my images will be safe, even without having to write them to DVD each time I get home. From now on they are kept in double on my computer & afterwards backuped to a MyBook 1TB.
All finished shoots are also writen to DVD & kept safely in an off-site location.
There will always be a chance to lose images but a lot will have to go wrong when I stick to this way of working … Your most precious memories are safe !

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  1. Knap materiaal Pieter!! Niets plezanter dan foto’s te bewerken op een goed draaiende computer.. Veel succes nog..


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