Leen & Robby - Scotland meets Belgium, the movie

Fot those among you that don’t like bagpipe music please turn down the sound for the first 2 minutes of the slideshow ;-) .
I just couldn’t resist … :-) .

Leen & Robby, you and your familie & friends have been amazing. It was a lot of fun being among you guys !
I’ve been wanting to visit Scottland for many years now, hearing great things about the friendly people, the hospitality etc and I’m glad I could experience first hand that none of that is exaggerated !
Not sure when my next vacation will be, but Scottland wil be among the preferred destinations for sure ! (and if I’m in Edinborough, I’ll be buying the drinks ;-) ).

It was an honour to shoot your wedding and I wish you both the very best !

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2 Responses to “Leen & Robby - Scotland meets Belgium, the movie”

  1. Jim & Viv Shaw

    Leen & Robby,

    Enjoyed seeing the short video of your wedding day.
    It looked like a very happy day and the family in New Zealand wish you both a very happy life together.
    We loved hearing the bagpipes.

    Lots of love,

    Jim, Viv, Susan, Gillian & Maida Shaw.

  2. Marjolein, Evert, Erwin en Veerle

    en vooral het openingslied (Nick Cave => Into My Arms/ mijn schoonbroer Didier
    is gek van Nick Cave/)
    Nogmaals proficiat aan Leen en Robert.
    fam. rogiers-melkebeke

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